The Casa de Serralves

To enjoy an evening of elegance with a 1930’s theme, take some time to discover some Art Deco sites! Also used in the design of transatlantic liners, the movement was admired by an entire generation.


Here are some addresses to help you find out more about the movement:


– The Beaufort Bar in London, located in the prestigious Savoy Hotel in England, a venue offering theatrical Art Deco surroundings in which to appreciate original cocktails.


– The Deco District in Miami in the USA, a historic district including over 900 historic buildings (restaurants, residences and hotels) showcases Art Deco in all its beauty.


– The Art Deco in Rome, Italy, a traditional 4-star hotel from 1989, renovated in 2005.


– The Fairmont Peace Hotel in China, built over 80 years ago, now caters to Shanghai’s elite. Inside, the Jazz bar takes you back to the atmosphere and decor of the private clubs of the 1930s.


– La Coupole, a Paris brasserie, considered as a true temple of Art Deco. Classified as a historical monument, it is the ideal place for an elegant dinner.

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