Art Deco patterns

Express your creativity through a totally Art Deco ILE DE FRANCE® cheeseboard that will transport your guests!


Start with a plain tray – preferably in white – as the base for your creation. White is the best color to make decorating easier.


Make a pattern using strips of removable adhesive tape on your tray, making sure to keep the pattern symmetrical.


Once the tape is in place, use dark coloured paints (black, brown or gray) – typical of the Art Deco movement – and paint the un-taped areas.


If you feel the result is too dark, lighten it up with some touches of gold paint.
Wait a few minutes until it is dry, then carefully peel off the tape.


Now you have revealed your artistic streak, use your tray at your next dinner party! You can surprise your guests by serving your delicious ILE DE FRANCE® Brie au bleu and goat’s cheese on your totally Art Deco and cheeseboard!


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