Menu of a restaurant

Crossings by transatlantic liner, Île-de-France, were an opportunity to showcase French gourmet cooking.
The cheeseboard was an integral part of the dinners that finished on a subtle sweet note.


Add a French touch to the menu when preparing dinner for your nearest and dearest. Tonight, let your guests discover some great French classics, inspired by the dishes offered on board the French transatlantic liner.


  • For the starter, go for little poached eggs, delicately arranged on a slice of toast, just the thing to whet everyone’s appetite.
  • For the main course, try a grilled steak in ILE DE FRANCE® Roquefort sauce and crisp vegetables to warm up your guests’ palates.
  • To tantalize your guests’ tastebuds and sense of smell, bring out a cheeseboard featuring a selection of ILE DE FRANCE® cheeses and accompanied by dried fruit.
  • To bring the meal to a close on a sweet note, serve ice cream and fresh fruit.


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