Art Deco pattern

Recreate an Art Deco ambience, worthy of the Transatlantic liner, Île-de-France, in your own home, by customizing one of your vases:
On a plain, preferably oval vase, draw geometrical outlines, using neutral colored multi-surface markers (black, white, taupe, brown, gold and gray). To ensure your lines are straight, use a flexible ruler that bends to the shape of your vase.
Once the outlines are finished, color them in, deliberately leaving blank spaces! The aim is to give your vase a uniform look by using dark colors, with a few beige highlights to soften your design. So unleash your artistic talent by choosing the colors of your vase.
Wait a few moments for the colors to dry then show off your work to everyone as soon as possible.
Give your table decoration an uncluttered look by using mainly white. Arrange your Art Deco cheeseboard complete with cheese on your table and place your vase right next to it!


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