Gourmet table

Bring out your cheeses of the refrigerator at least half an hour before their tasting, serve at room temperature to take completely advantage of their flavors.

It is important to begin the tasting with fresh and soft cheeses and finish by the most ripened and strong, so that your palate is not influenced by the strong taste of cheeses.

You can thus arrange your cheeses in circle to indicate the order to be followed.
Space out them enough to facilitate the service.

During the service of your cheeses, rinse the knife with hot water then wipe him, to facilitate the cutting.

Keep a knife by presented family of cheeses so that the flavors do not mix, and use a fork for the service.

The cheese does not present a uniform taste, it is thus essential to cut it from the heart to the rind to appreciate the entire flavors.

Serve your cheeses accompanied of various sorts of breads, traditional, sourdough, walnuts or rustic bread, to vary the flavors.

You can serve it fresh or slightly roasted.