Here in France, we are pretty passionate about our bread and cheese. They are an important part of our tradition and a staple of the French diet. Not only do we feel like a day without either of them is a bad day, but we believe pairing different types of cheese and bread is an art form. Yes, art.

There is a certain type of magic that occurs when you take a bite of creamy Ile de France Brie on a warm, crunchy baguette. Life suddenly makes more sense.

So how do you find the perfect match? Here are some tips to get you started on a delicious adventure:

- Ile de France Chèvre or goat cheese is best paired with a fresh wholemeal or walnut and fig bread. They complement each other perfectly. Drizzle honey on top to add another level of flavour!

Ile de France Brie, with all its creaminess, is the perfect partner for baguette, or a rustic loaf, or some good toasted sliced bread.

- Ile de France Camembert, with its rich authentic flavour, also goes well with either baguette or a good rustic bread. It is going to be difficult to choose which option you prefer!

- Melted Roquefort  (oooh, we already have goosebumps) can also be paired with hot, toasted baguette. Cherry tomatoes would love an invitation to the party too, but if you are not a fan, just tell them it is a private event.

Last but not least – Ile de France Slices have a superpower… They get along with pretty much all breads. They are like that one friend that everybody likes to hang out with, all the time.