You are a true cheese lover, French Brie and Camembert are among your favorites. You enjoy having friends and family over to share delicious cheese platters, served with crunchy baguette and wine. Does this sound like you? If so, this story was written for you. 

Every good story has a "conflict" or issue to be resolved. So, in this case your new friends are looking at your fabulous cheese platter and saying that they are not sure whether the rind on the Camembert or Brie is edible. To make things worse, they even express reservations about wanting to try the cheese at all!

You have been blissfully eating Camembert and Brie (with the rind, of course) and you cannot imagine good moments in life without them. But instead of being confused or even slightly annoyed, you should be thankful! Yes, discovering new tastes among friends are precious moments!

In this case you have an ace up your sleeve: the rind of Ile de France Brie, Camembert and Brie au Bleu is infinitely soft and thin! 

It goes without saying that you will gently explain to your friends that the rind on the soft cheeses like Camembert and Brie is not only edible but that it completes the sensory experience by enriching the taste and creating a beautiful contrast in texture between the shell and the heart of the cheese.

So that settles it all about the edible rind. Leave the Roquefort for another time.