Petit Brie 125 g


All the pleasure of a Brie in a 125g format. Ile de France Petit Brie has with the right taste whenever you buy it: stable, authentic yet mild Brie flavor and an extra creamy texture with a firm heart.

First name: 
Petit Brie
Place of manufacture: 
Grand Est, Illoud
Type of milk: 
125 g
Flavour profile: 

Ile de France Petit Brie has an authentic Brie taste with mushroom notes

Ingredient List: 

Pasteurized cow’s milk, cream, salt, lactic acid bacteria, maturing cultures, coagulating enzyme

Recipes with Petit Brie 125 g

  • Small fruit and Petit Brie bites

    1. Place the raspberries in a medium bowl.   2. Heat the maple syrup in a small saucepan until just warm.   3. Pour over the raspberries. Make sure the syrup...

  • Apple and Petit Brie cake

    1. Use a bowl to mix together the milk, the eggs, the cream, walnut oil and half of the melted butter.   2. Gradually add the flour, the baking powder, and the...

  • Canelés with Brie

    1. Preheat the oven to 210 °C (410 °F).   2. Bring the milk to a boil. Remove from heat.   3. Remove the rind from the Brie. Dip the Brie into the milk and let...

  • Burger with apples and Petit Brie

    1. Wash the apple and cut it into thin slices.   2. Season the rocket to taste with balsamic vinegar.   3. Cut the buns into halves.   4. In a frying pan, heat...

  • Parisian Trio

    Croissants with Brie and Mustard   1. Form croissants by cutting the puff pastry sheet into small triangles.   2. Place some mustard and a piece of Petit Brie...

  • Baked eggs with Petit Brie

    1. Cut the Petit Brie into small pieces.   2. Brown the lardons for 3-4 min in a frying pan.   3. Bring the cream to boil in a saucepan with the nutmeg. Simmer...

  • French-style scones with Brie

    1. Remove the rind from the Brie and chop the cheese into small pieces.   2. Put the egg yolk to one side.   3. For the dough: blend the rest of the...

  • French-style spring rolls with Brie and chicken

    1. Cut the carrot, courgette and chicken into thin strips.   2. Sear the chicken for 1 min in a little quantity of olive oil. Add the vegetables and brown then...

  • Creamy Petit Brie soup with courgettes

    1. Rinse and cut the courgettes into pieces and finely chop the onion.   2. Fry off in a saucepan with olive oil for 5 min. Add water to cover then cook on low...

  • Petit Brie Pastry Puffs

    1. Preheat the oven to 200 °C (400 °F).   2. Unroll the pastry and cut into squares of 6×6 cm (2.5 x 2.5 inch).   3. Cut the Petit Brie in pieces.   4. Place a...

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